Bridal Veil Falls 2017 Feb

Bridal Veil Falls, Feb 2017

We had time and inclination to visit these fall for (alas) the first time in February this year. Whilst we may have had time and inclination, the weather did not. Anyone with any knowledge of Tasmania at all knows that February is definitely not a good month to go waterfall bagging. But, my husband had Parkinson’s disease, and a lot of places were no longer possible to him. He enjoyed waterfall bagging, with or without water, so off we set. I think he liked the Raspberry Farm reward at the end better than the bushwalking, but, what the heck. As you can see from the picture below, the flow was less than exciting, but the falls were still pretty, even with a thin veil. For the full day’s jaunt, see the blog link:…il-no-name-falls/ ‎
As is sensible, we took in Bridal Veil along with Champagne and No Name (which was also No Water) Falls.

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