Pearl Creek Falls, Queenstown 2019

Pearl Creek Falls, Queenstown

Queenstown is quiet about these falls. Perhaps the reason is their relatively  easy access. Maybe the denizens don’t want tourists trashing the place with their discarded rubbish and general carelessness.
I once had instructions on how to get to the falls in this site, but the world has changed since then, and there is too much destruction of hallowed places. out of respect to those who live near and want to keep it to themselves, I have removed instructions, and am just leaving the picture for those who like to look at beauty.
Let’s all help them out by leaving the place either as good as we found it – or even better than that (by taking away the trash of other inconsiderate people who seem to think that beauty is meant for them and no one else). Do trashers see the beauty, or do they just tick a box? It’s also a great idea to go to the toilet in Queenstown before leaving to avoid using the bush as a general latrine.

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  1. I remember this waterfall from when i was a young child, very untouched, as you said not mapped and just beautiful and I have never forgotten it!
    It’s somewhere I will take my children to enjoy when the weather clears up ! I hope it forever stays hidden from floods of people, just to keep its purity and a tranquil experience!

    1. In deference to your words, Jade, and fully understanding where you are coming from, I have altered the content of this blog. I hope you like the new version, and that your children enjoy this special place.

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