Schouten Island 2017 Oct

Schouten Island. October 2017.

Before Bruce’s disappearance, I had booked us both in to an HWC walk to Schouten Island, and we were looking forward to it. By the weekend of the walk, however, events in my life had changed dramatically; nonetheless, I thought I would like to go, albeit for entirely different reasons. I decided that seeking the soothing balm of nature and camping with a tiny group of friends would be restorative. I was right. These friends were just perfect, and I had a wonderful mixture of happy, healing company and much-needed solitude. We climbed mountains each day, and I had fun at dawn and dusk photographing the beauty of Schouten. The “peaks” we climbed were Bear Hill and Mt Story. I will give each its separate entry in the blog, and only publish some seascape shots in this entry.

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