Roland, Claude, Van Dyke Triple Tops 1993, ’94, ’96, ’97, 2003, ’04

Triple Tops: Mts Roland, Claude and Van Dyke  1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2003 and 2004


There is a wonderful race that covers these three mountains (Triple Tops), which I have had the pleasure of doing many times. One pays a price later for racing down Roland, and, when one is out to win, one doesn’t actually see the view in great detail, but, that said, there is time, even at record pace, to enjoy the sense of being up high with the world spread out below as you race. Often snow capped mountains are visible off to the right (it is held in November), and the heath flowers are often blooming beautifully. Other times, it is blowing a gale and the mist is swirling around. One time it was even hot.

I have just consulted my records: I ran it, and won it, 6 times: 1993 (when I was 6 mins faster than the then male record, despite being lost for 5 mins, having taken a wrong turn in the rocks at the top of Van Dyke), 1994, 1996, 1997, 2003 and 2004. My fastest time, which includes the time being lost, was 2 hrs 11 mins for the three.

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