Wellington 2016 Jan

Mt Wellington 2016 Jan

I had been feeling guilty for a while that I had never turned my photographic attention to Mt Wellington. It is an Abel, after all. All I’d ever done was run up her, endlessly, in wondrous dreamlike runs where the world and all that is in it was temporarily forgotten while I floated to her summit. I loved my training runs on Wellington (or anywhere. I was always in a trance while I ran, and was in some very far off place. I still am, for that matter. Running is my “time out” from the world, where I can refresh my should for the next round).

However, now it was time to come to the top by car, and to bring my tripod, filters and lenses to see what this evening could give  me and my camera. This is what I got.

At first, it was pretty nice, but then it seemed that it was just going to be a grey fizzer. I actually packed up and was in the car when all this pink came out. I had to do the most hasty set-up imaginable and chase the syun and the pink across the mountain. It was rather fun.

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