Evercreech Falls 2017 Apr

Evercreech Falls.

The Evercreech Falls were the second part of the walk I was leading yesterday. (See natureloverswalks.com/mt-blackboy/ for part one) I would never normally have gone to the Evercreech Falls at this time of year. I knew it was too dry for both a decent flow and for the fungi that I so love seeing, but the club wanted me to do it, so I agreed; I like to give back as well as to take when it comes to club bushwalks. I intended, however, to do it when the waters were running and the fungi were out, which is not early April. Predictably, the fungi were desiccated and the falls offered only a moderate flow. These photos are what I managed to see under the club-type conditions. Thankfully my charges didn’t mind waiting while I took a couple of thirty-second exposures. (Setting up actually takes an inordinately long time – especially when you know you’re holding others up.) I’ll redo the long drive some time in late May after enough  rain has fallen to reawaken the forest and invigorate the falls. Until then, this is the best I can give you.

When you arrive at the forest reserve, there is a big shelter to your right, and an ugly metal bridge to your left. The loop, if you choose to do it, begins at the far end of the road if you go anticlockwise, or at the ugly bridge if you go clockwise. You can go up and back on the western side (i.e., using the bridge), and thereby avoid the creek crossing pictured above. Two out of five of us fell in negotiating this rope (only up to their knees). The group I led took 18 minutes going on the right hand side of the loop (eastern, over the creek as above) and 18 minutes back on the other side, so the forty minutes is, if anything, a bit of an underestimation, as it allows for only a couple of quick snaps at the falls. Of course, I wanted longer than that. (One starts at the southern end of the track, if that isn’t clear).
The route we took in cyan below is not on the map, and before going, I could not find any information on exactly where the track went. I hope this information helps.

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