Hardings Falls 2018 July

Hardings Falls 2018 July

I decided for Hardings Falls on this day, as my dog needed to spend time with me, and Hardings Falls is suitable for that. Meanwhile, I hoped that the recent rain would give them a good flow. My house and garden seem to be underwater and in a state of flood, so surely the falls would be flowing well. My friend Craig (Doumauras) doubted they would, and, unfortunately, he was right. The Swan River, with its eastern catchment, hasn’t heard of the rain just a bit further west.

I had actually tried to get to these falls once before, but found the road blocked due to the flood the previous year. This year, I could get all the way to the carpark. There are some sharp-looking rocks on the road, and I drove very slowly, but is manageable.
It took a full two hours’ driving to get there from Launceston (a bit less on the rebound, when I was more confident), and the walk down took twenty minutes.  There are some very loose stones on the final descent, which worried Tess somewhat, and some very slippery rocks down the bottom that caused her to slow her pace. It’s nice to see her being cautious for a change.

Happy little waterfall bagger
The river in general – and the pool below the falls themselves – was a very beautiful blue. It must be lovely for a swim in summer, although I can’t imagine the falls having any flow at all in the summer months. I want to return some time when I know she is pumping.

To get to the falls, drive to Avoca in the Fingal Valley. Turn right (S) towards Royal George. One passes through this cluster of buildings, and changes direction a bit. Eventually there is an X intersection. To the left (E) is Hardings Falls (signposted; McKays Rd)); to the right (W), Meetus and Lost Falls (also signed). The road straight ahead, which you don’t want, seems to be the main one.

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