Parangana Sugar Loaf 2017 Jun

Parangana Sugar Loaf Jun 2017

Parangana Sugar Loaf is to the right. One has to cross the water first.

Parangana ummit cairn (not quite on the highest point, but it will do).
When my friend Maureen told me she was leading a club trip to climb a mountain that you had to get to by boat (Parangana Sugar Loaf), I begged her to add my name to the list. I then had to go off and look up the name of this mountain, and to find out where on earth I was actually going. I love mountains that you have to reach by boat, so didn’t care about its location. It was handy to discover that I wouldn’t have to drive too far – and hour and a half did the trick.

I love the way that the peak baggers’ list gets us out to experience parts of our state that we didn’t even know existed: we explore new mountains, whole new areas, drive down previously unexplored roads to get there … the whole package enriches our lives. On this occasion, I got to meet some new, interesting people, too, as our common purpose brought us together to get over the water and climb this new peak.

It was only a little adventure, but we spun out the expedition for long enough to have the obligatory lunch up where the best view was. Although it is now officially winter, and despite the fact that there was a frost in the morning, you can see from the pictures it was a glorious day. The water was not tempting for swimming.

Afterwards, I used my proximity to the Arm Falls to go off and explore them ( The others headed off to the North West, from whence they’d come. NWWC is a great club. Nice of them to let me gatecrash their walk.
I left my gps in the car. When my friends give me a route of our climb, I’ll publish it here.

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