Phillips Falls (ii) 2018 Apr

Phillips Falls (ii) 2018 Apr
As you may well have noted, my previous blog on Philllips Falls had no photo of the actual falls – as nothing was falling. I decided to go to Cradle Mountain yesterday, and to revisit these falls on the way in the hope that Thursday’s rain would have had a positive effect on the falls.

This time there was water, so here are some shots. Take the C138 over the Claude Mt side ridge, and after you’ve descended, the first road (which is dirt) on your right. Stop at the bridge over Mechanical Creek (not signed). The road divides in two here. About 40 metres back in the incoming direction (SE), you’ll see a pink tape. The tapes lead to the base. (See route map below)

Looking downstream
As it so turned out, I got so involved in the process of visiting the next falls that caught my attention, and the next and the next, ad almost infinitum, that I never made it to Cradle, but did “bag” six falls, five of which were new for me. It was a successful and a fun outing. I have in retrospect dubbed it the Sheffield Waterfall Circuit. The six falls, in case you want to do a similar circuit, were: Phillips, Cethana, Narrawa, Hullabaloo, Hullabaloo Upper and Hoggs Creek Falls. If you want to mimic my route exactly, then you’ll also need to stop at Fudge ‘n’ Good Coffee in Sheffield for Italian Coffee and sweet treats at the end of the circle. The excellent cappuccino I had there kept me alive for the drive back to Launceston after a fairly full day.

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