Hartz Peak 2019

It seems to be a recently established tradition that we climb Hartz Peak the day after we return to Creekton Falls to have a family ‘Bruce memorial’. That is, we did it last year, and again this year. Hartz Peak is near our base of Driftwood Cottages at Dover (nearer still to Geeveston), and is doable for the children. Traditions are good things to have, as long as you don’t become their slave.

Some wet, muddy bits, that convinced Abby she needs bush boots.

I recently read a book by Katherine Abetz (An Obstinate Love) set in the Federation era, in which they took three days to climb Hartz Peak (and wore long frocks and high heels shoes). Abby wore a tutu, as you do if you’re three, and strapped leather shoes, and we were back by early afternoon of the day we set out. Gussy had his proper bush shoes on, and Abby agrees that she needs a pair. She got her feet very muddy, and a little bit wet. Unlike the characters in Katherine’s book, the children elected to run most of the way, despite Abby’s tender age. We adults, more burdened down with gear, went at a more measured pace. Gussy pressed on the accelerator between Ladies Lake and the top, so I left the group to keep him company, tucking in behind him to let him keep his nose in front. I rather think that next year, when he will be in third class, I will have no choice in the being behind bit. This year I was comfortable, but aware that the pace was verging on the “not so”. Soon I would be puffing. He is getting very fit, and already has a fantastic beep test score.

And she’s off again on the boardwalk.

Keithy braved a swim in Ladies Lake, to “have one for Bruce”, who, for most of his life until Parkinson’s got a good grip, swam any season, any weather, any altitude. I have pictures of him and our daughter swimming with icebergs in the Alps. Keith was a delicate shade of blue at the end. The rest of us watched.

On the way back, the tutu hit the rucksack.

Predictably, Abby was very prepared to examine insects and other interesting features on the way down. She is a diminutive three, and her running on the outbound journey must have been pretty exhausting.

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  1. Hi, would like to know how much time was take for the whole walk back to carpark? Would love to do this with my kids next time when we are there. I am sure the View is fantastic. Thank you.

    1. HI Agnes. It’s a great mountain for families. My times are always just the walking times. You add in the eating, photography, time at the top, swimming etc as you wish. The children took 32 to Ladies’ Tarn; 31 from there to the top. On the way down, 36 minutes from the top to the tarn; 31 minutes from there to the end. Those are the stats from when Guss was 7. Abby got some help (ie, got carried), ESPECIALLY on the way down. (She was only 2). Please note that Gussy is extraordinarily fit. His beep test results were considered excellent – top of the range – for an 11 year old. We had a good long break at the lake in each direction, and lunch at the top. You will see coming down was longer than going up. It is often like that when it is steep, as you have to be careful coming down, and Gussy was very cautious. Going up, you can race. However, even if you took double that time, you can still easily fit it into a day in the warmer months. Time yourself to the Ladies’ Tarn. That will give you an idea of how you are going compared to the times I have given you. Adjust your expectations accordingly. Good luck. It won’t disappoint you.

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