Cherry Falls Humphreys Rivulet

I have called this blog Cherry Falls, but this is actually a “work in progress”, as I have found three lovely Cascades on the Humphreys Rivulet (as well as Bear Falls higher up), but I didn’t go far enough to reach Cherry Falls. So, I will show you the three Cascades I got this time, as I rather like them, and once I have been back and reached the actual Cherry Falls, I will update the blog.

Humphrey middle Cascades

I parked the car at Tolosa Mountain Bike Track parking area, and followed the trail now called Tolosa Fire Trail for a while (that’s what the signs say. My map calls it Native Cherry Fire Trail). After that, you go down to the Rivulet, and bushbash your way up it. There are some lovely sections, but there are also some rather horrid stretches, crammed with cutting grass, so it required some perseverance.

Humphreys Rivulet highest Cascades

I had started later than intended, and was, as usual, worried about being on time to pick up little Abby after pre-school, so needed to be out by 2pm to ensure no mishaps there. I had enjoyed being beside the creek and unhurriedly photographing, so stopped at the highest of the cascades on this occasion. I will take in the Falls themselves next time. The excursion is a nice blend of brisk track walking and concerted bushbashing.
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4 Replies to “Cherry Falls Humphreys Rivulet”

  1. Great photos, Louise.
    Thanks for sharing.
    May I ask where you started bushbashing from?
    Have you found Cherry Falls yet?
    If you could email some details, that would be awesome.
    I live in Glenorchy and would love to get to know my neighbourhood better.
    I am very respectful of nature and would treat the area appropriately.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Louise,
    I am currently doing a science experiment, and testing the dissolved oxygen levels of Humphrey’s Rivulet. I was just wondering if you could please inform me where the trail starts, and where it ends up please.
    Thanks in advance

    1. HI Clare, I am sorry: I have only just seen this. I am also sorry to inform you that there is no trail. I bushbashed my way to these falls. If you are a strong bushwalker, I am happy to go there with you, but it is quite tricky bushbash, and not a short one, so anyone doing it needs to be quite resilient and fit.

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