Connection 2015 Jan

Mt Connection Jan 2015.

Mt Connection, view
The photos of Mt Connection in this blog come at a high price. Earlier in the day, I had done an orienteering race, in which I was (as one does in this sport) running along at high speed, reading my map closely as I did so, solving navigational problems and checking off landmarks in my peripheral vision, when I tripped over a 10cm-high obstacle and went flying. My first instinct in falling is always to protect my irreplaceable Swiss compass. This I did magnificently, but for the second time in my life, broke my hand whilst saving the compass. I really must stop this habit.

View back towards Wellington
Nonetheless, having promised to drive to Hobart and collect our daughter and toddler, I duly drove south, undeterred by the nausea I felt post-smash, planning to run to Mt Connection and back before dusk, photograph sunset on Wellington, eat some fine Hobart cuisine, camp high on Mt Wellington, photograph the dawn and then collect my family. The photos here are from the Mt Connection phase of that plan. I enjoyed my time on the mountain, despite the pain.

Unfortunately, only half the programme got completed. On the way back up Mt Wellington after dinner, I passed out and drove into a deep culvert at the side of the road and now our car is more smashed than I am. I guess I’d been in shock but only realised it after the event. We were rescued, but were not finished with towing until 2am.

After running to and from Mt Connection, we watched sunset from Mt Wellington

(My chosen route up Mt Connection was via the fire trail that departs from the Big Bend near the summit of Wellington.) I am now typing slowly with one hand. The surgeon operated yesterday to rejoin and untwist the severed bones. You’ll be thrilled to know that I got in another O-race and climbed another mountain before the hospital system put me under GA.

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