Coalmine Creek Falls 2018

This blog is here for records’ sake. I got permission to go here while the former owners were in possession. However, a 2019 post script is that the private property has now changed hands. I have no idea at all as to the new owners’ willingness to have people look at the falls. They still have people staying there, and those people can still go to the falls, so theoretically there should be no issue, but Australians live in constant fear of litigation these days, so you never know. When our magistrates and judges stop awarding damages to people who sue totally innocent owners of land or minders of the surf, then we might all live in greater kindness, harmony and generosity. That day has not yet arrived.

Coalmine Creek Falls Liffey

There is a path from the little cabins going up beside the creek. Even in 2017 there were fallen trees over this path from the earlier storm, so there’s a bit of clambering to do. Not a waterfall for the agility-challenged.

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