Upper Cam Falls 2017 Aug

Upper Cam Falls 2017 Aug

Many people count this delicate waterfall as one of their favourite falls anywhere – – or they did before some selfish vandal came in and hacked down some ferns to get a better instagram shot. Now the name caries with it a certain odour of corruption and distaste, which is a pity, as they are beautiful. It is nonetheless fitting that they kind of lie low for a while, so we can forget the damaging effect of social media on our environment.

Note, these are the Upper Cam Falls, sometimes incorrectly called the Cam Falls in the web.

To reach this gem, we headed south from Burnie along the B18, driving past Ridgley of Guide Falls fame, and continuing on to Hampshire. Here we turned west onto the C103, and continued until the western road swung to the north. At this point, Lockwood Rd is to the left, and this is the road you follow until a yellow boom gate stops you. The falls are then down to your right in a ferny glade. You can hear them from your car.
For a discussion of the route to the Cam Falls (and photos), please see the blog www.natureloverswalks.com/cam-falls

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