Fungi Notley Fern Gorge 2018 Apr

Fungi hunting, Notley Fern Gorge. 2018 9th April.

Coprinus truncorum

Coprinus truncorum
No doubt this is the first of many fungi hunts for this autumn-winter season. I have been watching the number of posts increasing in the Tasmanian Fungi Facebook page, and on Saturday, when making our attempt on Cashs Gorge, I noted that the forest was alive with aborning fungi. It was time to examine my favourite hunting ground close to home, viz,, Notley Fern Gorge. I set out expecting to find nothing, actually, as it’s been pretty dry around Launceston. It’s all very well for Chris Wilson to find a plethora of specimens: she lives over on the west where it rains all the time and the forest is lush and moist. But if you don’t seek, you can’t possibly find, so there I was giving it a go. And I did find. Here are a few of my favourites from today.

Laccaria sp. Thanks to Dr Genevieve Gates for helping with the ID.

A solitary Coprinellus disseminatus 

Mycena albidocapillaris

Entoloma sp, I think (as you see, I do a lot of thinking, ha ha).

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