Wellington 1997 Aus Championships

Mt Wellington   17 May 1997

It’s impossible to count the number of times I have run up Mt Wellington, as I used to do it regularly for training – sometimes running all the way and sometimes turning around at Junction Cabin and coming back down again (to the brewery).

I have had many happy victories on this mount: in 1993, I won both the Tasmanian women’s and the men’s title on the mountain (causing great distress to the male who was six minutes being me but thought he deserved the medal). I also won a couple of Australian titles here, as well as a few Point to Pinnacle races. It is a mountain of happy memories, but my happiest are of training sessions, alone, in the snow, running up near the summit through a fairyland of white shapes. The rather unflattering photo here is of me winning the national titles in 1997. Well, I look fit and determined, and there are no prizes in athletics for looking pretty (fortunately).

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