Upper Liffey Falls 2021

It had been snowing for several days during the week, so I went up to the Upper Liffey Falls and Pine Lake to photograph a white wonderland. However, most of the snow had melted. Sometimes we don’t get what we hope for. But in that failure to achieve white, I still found many rich browns and scenes of sombre beauty. Here are a few photos from my day. There is also a 2017 post on Upper Liffey Falls should you want to see more.

Richea acerosa
Snowy scene. Pencil pine behind
Upper Liffey Falls
Athrotaxis cupressoides. Pencil Pine, proving that it’s frost resistant.

I had intended to do more exploring on the other side of the road, and set out in that direction, but I was wearing brand new overpants, and I needed to wear them for wind protection. However, there is a lot of scoparia over there, and I didn’t think anything I saw could justify the expense of yet another pair of waterproof pants, so turned around and saved myself 160 dollars.

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  1. Dear Louise, I remember your hospitality, kindness and good will from my early teenage years. I still walk in the bush often and have a life long fascination with waterfalls. Fortunately, so does my lovely husband of 35 years. I think of you and Bruce often. Kind regards, Jane Rich xxx

    1. Oh Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing and wonderful to hear from you!! I can’t believe it. Do you know, I still have photos of you that my computer regularly shows me … those early fun walks with that super group of you girls that I began. Bruce and I always remembered our Burwood Girls Bushwalkers with enormous joy and pleasure. I photographed all those walks we did, and haven’t thrown any of them out!
      I wonder how you found my blog. Are you in Tassie???

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