Hogarth Falls 2019 Mar

Hogarth Falls 2019 Mar

Poor Hogarth Falls, having to follow on immediately after the excitement of bagging the elusive Svengali Falls. That is not really a fair competition, but we wanted something low-key for the afternoon, after having a well-deserved and delicious lunch in the Rosebery Cafe (home of the local Fat Burger – and an exceedingly dog-friendly place. [They were even nice to humans, too.] No one has paid me to say this – or anything I say! My mind is not for sale. I am a renegade citizen in an age of economic justification of every action.)

This is my second ever visit to these lovely falls, but my first photographic one. The first occasion was a very long time ago, and I had forgotten that there is a very pleasant walk to the falls (roughly fifteen minutes in each direction), through lush forest, passing several little riparian beaches with their tannin-coloured water, light pebbles and mossy, arching, overhead branches. Strahan, like Rosebery, is a wonderful dog-friendly town, so Tessa greatly enjoyed being part of the expedition, and meeting other people along the way. Asian visitors to the falls seem to have entirely forgotten their original reason for being there as Tess grabbed – and duly received – all the attention. Dogs love waterfalls too, you know.

To get to the falls, go to the far eastern end of Strahan, to the People’s Park. Once in that park, signs will direct you to the falls.

Sorry, my magenta line goes too far on the road. I forgot to switch it off. Start and finish in People’s Park.

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