Gussy climbs Mt Parsons 2015 Jan

I was hoping that Mt Parsons would be Gussy’s first peak-bagger’s point, but he only made it to the first (fake) summit, so is yet to officially score. Perhaps he is the first barefoot three-and-a-bit year old to climb the fake summit, however. He certainly had a glorious adventure, and was super-keen to conquer the rocky lookout highpoint above Bicheno next day, and to do a string course at orienteering the day after. He finds that a packet of macadamia shortbreads and a beautiful view (but possibly more of the former than the latter) suit his style. Here are some action shots of the momentous occasion.
Practising, Bicheno


Here we go



Tough work
Adding extra stones to cairns is great stuff if your little legs are getting wobbly
He’s a long way up now.
About here we met some real climbers with ropes and helmets. They were really sweet to Gus and made him feel a champ. They confirmed he was about to reach ‘summit B’.



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  1. Thanks so much for your comment Melissa. I don't think I am particularly 'proud' of this. I just adore Gus and find him as adorable as any parent or grandparent finds the next generation down: we delight in their little ways and doings and love them just because they're there. Here, I love the body language of the young human child dealing with the challenge of a granite mountain.

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