Tahune Falls

Tahune Falls 2017

The Frenchmans Cap track (see below) is incorrectly marked on the List map, and, if you go by it, you would never see Tahune Falls. The track on the ground, however, crosses the creek which runs into Lake Tahune and runs to its left for a while, so if you stay on the track and don’t try to stay on the black dashed line on the map, and if you pay attention to sound and the hints of sight, you may find Tahune Falls on your way up to Frenchmans Cap. Given that most people find climbing Frenchmans to be a long task, I suggest you visit these falls on your way back.

I noticed them on my way up to climb a far flung peak called Clytemnestra (not on any tracks, and over the other side of those fearsome vertical cliffs the other side of the beret’d gent). My friend and I got back to our tents, and she wanted to retire to hers to sleep. I didn’t, so took myself back up the hill to these falls. I met another guy there, and we spent a delightful while together, just gazing at the flowing water and enjoying what the gentle falls had to offer before going back to the lake to cook dinner.

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