Labyrinth and Lake Marion 2012 Jan

Labyrinth and Lake Marion   28-29 Jan, 2012

Walled Mountain, silhouetted Lake Ophion.

Walled mountain, Lake Ophion next morning.

The Acropolis from our early morning walk to Lake Elyssia from our campspot at Ophion.

Mt Geryon from Lake Elyssia, pre-breakfast stroll.

Mt Gould and Lake Cyane.

Lake Marion, night 2

The Guardians in dramatic colour, reflected in Lake Marion. 
This was a very hot weekend, and once we’d climbed onto the labyrinth, swimming was a high priority. Another was to circumambulate our lake (Ophion), and to climb up high for sunset. After dark, we sat by our lake and watched the alpenglow behind Walled Mountain.
The next day we climbed some other knobs and rises for photos before breakfast, returning quite hungry, as we ended up covering quite a bit of ground. There was time for more swimming and lazing before depitching and descending to move camp to Lake Marion, far below, where we were treated with a lovely vermillion sunset shining on the flanks of The Guardians above, and reflected the unruffled waters of the lake.
The final day was a nice short one, which left plenty of time for more swimming in Lake St Clair while we waited for the ferry.

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