Arrowsmith and Calders Lookout 2013

Mt Arrowsmith and Calders Lookout 24 Nov, 2013

On Saturday I was getting really quite fidgety and full of anticipation. After all, it had been nearly a week since our last bushwalk. I was more than ready for the next adventure. 
This week we were going up two mountains I’d never heard of before and with a new club. Both (that is, the mountains and the people in the new club) were brilliant.
The button grass was pretty hard work; the few patches of pineapple grass, heaven; the bauera scrub a pretty welcome relief. It seemed like I was goose stepping, lifting my feet about 50 cms with every step the whole journey. Some people pay a fortune to get a full body workout in a dusty gym. We pay nothing and get the same in the beautiful outdoors, with grand vistas while we’re at it. The views of Gell, Loddons, King William !, Pitt, Milligan’s, Slatter’s, Diamond Peak, Frenchamn’s Cap and more were all wonderful. 
I didn’t want to turn around and go home after lunch, but the others said they weren’t allowed to leave me there forever, so I had to submit to group pressure and leave this enchanted spot and return to the car.
There were lots of wombats and wallabies on the road near the great lakes as we drove the final leg, and a spectacular piece of lighting as the setting sun broke through storm clouds. What a great day.

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