Manfred 2014 Dec

Mt Manfred 2014 Dec

My first close-up sighting of Mt Manfred was on a trip to climb Mt Hugel 2013.
Mt Manfred was one of those shapely mountains that I had seen and noticed right back on my first ever venture into Tasmanian bushwalking, which I had done as a Sydney University student back in 1975. In that year, Bruce and I walked the Overland Trail in an adventure that would shape the rest of our lives. We had done bushwalking before, but this introduced us to a whole new spectrum. We immediately began plotting to move down here one day, and long-distance walking become part of our married existence.

One of the mountains on the horizon was Mt Manfred. How could you miss it? It has such an interesting shape. I never dreamt in my wildest imagination that I would one day climb it, and easily. But in December 2014, it was “merely” one of the mountains on the way to the remote Tramontane. We climbed it one afternoon after lunch on our way to the Murchison River. We had gone past Mt Byron, and over Mt Cuvier (where we slept the first night), and now here we were, climbing an icon. For the full story, see my blog on Mt Tramontane

I have put this in to show you the summit view, but really, midday views do not interest me. Someone else took this photo. Manfred is better looked at than looked from. I am, of course, very glad I climbed it, and would love to sleep on its shelf again.

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