Albert 2013 Sept

Mt Albert   15 Sept, 2013

On Thursday, we got to see the beauty of Mt Albert from Mt Saddleback. Today we got to see nothing … but Mt Albert was still a fun mountain to climb, and parts of it felt like a climb, which makes it more enjoyable.

The summit of Mt Albert as seen from the point of emergence from climb up

As with Mt Saddleback, the steep part was over all too quickly, but it was fun while it lasted.  The two photos here were all I could get from the first, real, summit. The second, (ESE) summit had some cliffs that looked as if they could be nice in good weather, but today was not that day. We climbed it anyway, just for the heck of it. One day we’ll return to see what the views are like.

Mt Albert: Cairn on top

If you are using the current Abels book as a basic guide to this mountain, please note that you can drive further than it says, that there is a pad (not always easy to follow, so I call it pad rather than track) and you don’t need anything near the 2 1/4 hours to reach the summit that the book advises. Conditions have obviously changed. We rejected this mountain on Thursday thinking we didn’t have enough time for it, and yet, walking with no particular speed put on, I was at the top in well under a quarter the time indicated in the Abels’ book. OK, I’m a fast climber, but even the slower members of the group I was in were up in an hour.


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