Read 2013 Jun

Mt Read   22 June 2013
As said in the Murchison entry, these two mountains were done in the same weekend, but I decided to file them separately.
We climbed Murchison on the Saturday morning, and wanted to go up Read after lunch that afternoon, saving Farrell for the early golden light of the following day.
I had the map. We set out. It was not a case of veni, vidi, vici, alas. We were met with the “locked gates of Tasmania” phenomenon, and spent the next two and a half hours – longer than the ascent + descent of Murchison – trying to gain some kind of near starting point. Eventually, with light fading all too quickly, we dumped the car in the township of Rosebery, and set out. There’s a road all the way, so one is not going to get lost in the dark, and it was a glorious, albeit bitterly cold, evening.
Here is what we found: wonderful in short.

 Moonrise behind Murchison across the valley


Later, and looking towards the west

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