Grey Mares Tail Falls 2020

How does a waterfall get the odd name “Grey Mares Tail Falls”? Especially one that is in wet sclerophyll forest in the middle of the steep slopes dropping to the East Coast of Tasmania after the giddy heights further west. I wouldn’t have thought there’d be too many grey mares above or below the falls to prompt a connection. However, there is a Grey Mare’s Falls in Scotland, (with perhaps even some grey mares floating around nearby), so I can only assume one terribly homesick Scot named the falls after his former abode.
One doesn’t see this waterfall in flow very often, so it is also difficult for most people to assess the extent to which it does or doesn’t remind one of any horse’s tail, let alone that of a grey mare. And why does the horse need to be female??
Anyway, if it has been raining quite a lot, and you are in luck, and happen to be driving from St Marys to the coast (or back), then at the very top of the pass on the northern side of the road  is a little reserve with a parking area and a finely made trail taking you to the falls. This trail is quite pleasant, albeit it very short, so even if there is no water falling, it is a good place to stretch your legs if you didn’t do so in St Marys. And if you missed the water, and are curious about what the falls look like, here is a photo to satisfy your curiosity. I do not recommend travelling a great distance solely for the purpose of photographing these falls. This is the first time I have ever seen them flowing! I popped in as I was in the area to photograph the nearby two Webber Falls. It was raining, so I thought I might as well try my luck, and after a day filled with anything but good fortune, I did at least strike some here.

Please excuse the lack of apostrophe, educated people, but in deference to those who can’t cope with correct grammar, Aussie place names no longer have them. The English do, although Brexit belies any assumption that this is based on superior education in the former Mother Country.

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