Twin Spires 2017 Nov

Twin Spires Nov 2017

Twin Spires as seen from Cathedral Mountain.
The mountain called Twin Spires is right next door to Cathedral Mountain, and it would thus be pretty odd to climb one without the other. Twin Spires is the Abel, so I guess if you only had time for one, it would be the one you’d do. I am biased, as I camped on Cathedral and enjoyed the golden hours of sunrise and sunset there, so prefer those views, but Twin Spires was still a very wonderful peak. It is just a fraction less in the thick of the drama than its friend. It does have a tarn very near the summit, so would be worth seeing if it had great views for sunrise at some later date.

For general directions on how to get here, see the post on Cathedral Mountain ( I have reposted the map below.

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  1. Dear Dr Fairfax

    I have found your website via Francis Walsh who is helping my wife and I with some financial administration.

    Firstly we offer our heartfelt condolences for the loss of your husband. We hope that time is helping to assuage your loss.

    Photography is my hobby and whenever I can I am in the bush capturing the beauty of nature. Tasmania is a favourite place for me. I have only managed to view a small sample of your images at this stage which I find absolutely superb and so rich in content.

    What camera(s)/lens do you use? Do you ever discuss the camera settings in your various blogs?

    Kind Regards

    Malcolm Gibson

    1. Hi Malcolm, Thanks for your compliments. I use a canon 6D (i.e., full frame sensor), and L series lenses, primarily 16-35 for landscape, but also 100mm for macro, and others as I feel inspired. I usually take photos that are long exposure and require a tripod, unless they are action shots. I guess I should provide setting details, but I don’t. If there is any photo that you particularly want to know about, then you can ask. Almost always, I use iso 100, unless I am handholding a shot and therefore need to have a shorter exposure to avoid shake. Hope that helps

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