Tarraleah Falls 2019 (Wilsons Falls)

Tarraleah Falls 2019 Mar

I’m afraid Tarraleah Falls (called by some Wilsons Falls, as they lie on Wilsons Creek, although the sign proudly announces that they are Tarraleah Falls, so I’ll go with the sign) were not up to much on the day I visited. There had been rain in the area, but I guess it hadn’t had quite the impact I was expecting. Anyway, it didn’t matter: I was just driving between Hobart and Queenstown, so thought I’d visit the falls for a lunchtime break. One can’t drive the whole day! The actual walk to the falls was both longer and prettier than I expected. I had feared it would only be a wander of a few hundred metres. The walk was eighteen minutes in each direction, on a narrow track through a ferny, shady forest. It was a dog-friendly walk, which always pleases me (and Tessa).

 Play equipment for dogs?? Jessie thought so.
I was not alone in the car park, and met others on the walk. A new crew had assembled in the carpark by the time I returned. The area seemed to be quite popular, although most people got out of their cars, surveyed the lookout view, and got back in and drove away. I don’t think the open cafe did much business, which is a shame.

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