Morriston 2017 Jun

Mt Morriston 10 Jun 2017.

The way there was definitely more fun than the climb
Mt Morriston is more of a navigational task than a serious climb – and the challenge I’m talking about is the car one before the foot part begins. Once you’ve parked in the right spot, it would be pretty impossible not to reach the summit. Don’t expect a good car: hike ratio, either.

Because I knew this little fact about Morriston, I decided to take it in as we drove past Lake Leake on our way to Triabunna to catch the Maria Island ferry. And because the difficult part is negotiating the forestry roads (some of which are not mapped), I have included the whole car trip from the main road to where we parked in the map below. If you want this as an actual gpx file, feel free to contact me.

Summit cairn
I am ashamed to admit that this “climb” took us about two minutes in each direction. As you can see from the photo, Bruce is very casually dressed, having not even paid the mountain the courtesy of a pair of gaiters. It had been so frosty on the way there that I thought the bush could be white and slippery, but the trees prevented that. I wasn’t really in the mood for a white march that morning, so I was in luck. Meanwhile, having been spared that ordeal, we sure did enjoy the spectacle of a pink icy landscape at sunrise in the midlands on our way. (It was minus three as we left the car to conquer this heady peak. Don’t be fooled by Bruce’s shorts into thinking it was mild weather).

Bruce looking rather casual on top.

Sorry about the quality of this map. If you need the gpx, as said, just contact me.

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  1. Hi Louise,
    wonderful photos of Mt Morriston (the farm – maybe).
    There’s another blog here with a slightly different walk…

    Could you please send me the GPS instructions?

    I’ve spent some time at Mt Morriston and never been to its namesake. If you are in Tas still, call in some time and say hello – maybe you’d like to have a look around, or try a different walk. The turn-in is at the junction of Honeysuckle Road and Tooms Lake Rd.

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