Storys Falls Feb 2020

Rumour (the web) has it that Storys Falls are visible from the road (presumably, the bridge). It is true that Storys Creek, with its multitude of cascades merrily tumbling down the slope, is visible from the road, but the actual falls, according to the map, and also according to what I saw, are another few hundred metres upstream, and need to be walked to – and definitely NOT by a person with a disability. Such a person can delight in the scene from the bridge, indeed, but that is not the actual waterfall.

Storys Falls

However, hold your breath if you are wishing for a huge waterfall. This one is even smaller than Chasm Falls or Cephissus Falls, but it does FALL rather than cascade when you are at the exact spot on the map where it says “Storys Falls”. Note also, in accordance with the dictates of authorities that have acknowledged that Australians are no longer educated in their own language, the apostrophe which would otherwise be there is omitted.
As for your choices of reaching the falls: if conditions are suitable, it would be possible to do most of the short hike along the river bed, boulder hopping. I chose to stay in the bush a couple of metres away to keep my shoes dry. It was fine to negotiate. It took me 6 minutes in each direction to reach the falls, although I then went on further for a few minutes, just to make sure I hadn’t missed something exciting, and, well, maps aren’t always accurate, so I thought I’d check for something bigger and better higher up.\

Aristotelia peducularis

Storys Creek hamlet is not quite a ghost town, but almost, and feels interesting to visit. It is fabulous to look up to Stacks Bluff, which is rather imposing, high above where you are standing. In the late afternoon, when I was there, it forms a grand silhouette.
Photographic note: this is the fourth time I have accidentally managed to go photographing landscape with my macro lens for fungi attached to my camera rather than my wide-angle landscape lens. I thought I had both on board, but I was wrong. Hence the photos are of a different style to the norm.

4 Replies to “Storys Falls Feb 2020”

  1. I believe it is nomenclature board policy not to have apostrophes. Drives me bananas. (I was so tempted to write “Drive’s me banana’s”!)

    Thanks for sharing your blog and wonderful photographs; I enjoy reading about your adventures.

    1. Thanks Helen. I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. Yes, that’s what I meant about their policy: it is to cater for people whose knowledge of how to write English has slipped by the wayside. I find it sad that, rather than increasing spending on education, or maybe acknowledging that speaking and writing correct English are important, our government bodies just slide down to the lowest common denominator.

  2. It just doesn’t seem right leaving out the apostrophe, it takes effort not to add it back!
    Walked up to the top of these falls last week. You’re right, and I think most people don’t realise the best bit is there.

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