Harridge Falls 2018 Apr

Harridge Falls Apr 2018

Harridge Falls, tacked onto the end of our Cashs Falls mission, were a kind of consolation prize: at least I wouldn’t go home totally empty handed from our expedition. Craig kindly drove the extra distance to enable this.

As we both believe that bushwalking is best combined with coffee drinking and cake eating, we stopped at Crank It Cafe in Derby on our way through. In both directions passing through Derby, cycling-gear clad people of all ages were drinking coffee, coming in or out of the supermarket or parking their bikes preparatory to doing the above. The place seemed abustle with cyclists, which is fabulous to see. What a wonderful use of our glorious rainforest.

The Harridge Falls walk was only very short, but that doesn’t matter: we’d had our exercise at Cashs. The flow was not full strength, but, as Craig pointed out, that gave us more freedom to go places that would be covered were the volume of water its winter fullness. Even so, I was very wary of the sloping granite. I was more worried about my camera equipment than my body, but the effect is the same in deterring too many adventurous leaps.

As with Cashs Falls, the fungi were starting to appear for the autumn, and provided colour and interest to the forest floor. Unfortunately, passing motorists had tossed a variety of debris out their car windows, so the first few metres of the bush were less attractive than they should be, but once you were out of throwing range of cars, you were into a glorious place. Little wonder that the father of the Australian conservation movement, Miles Dunphy, hated touring motorists.
(See www.natureloverswalks.com/cashs-falls/ )

“Context statement”: Coming from the west, drive through Derby. Turn south to Weldborough on the continuation of the Tasman Highway, A3. Cross the Ringarooma River and start paying attention. When that series of sub curves is at its most easterly point, and where there is a four-wheel-drive track going into the bush, come to a screaming halt. You have arrived, and need to park where the dirt track provides some room. Overshoot, and you’ll have a longish drive before you can turn around. The pad to the falls is visible to the left of the 4WD track, and has some ribbons.

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