Hobart Rivulet 2

I still had unfinished business on the Hobart Rivulet, despite my recent adventure’s additions to my waterfall collection
(http://www.natureloverswalks.com/hobart-rivulet/) , so, on the afternoon after my Flora Falls escapade (also in my blog), I set out to follow the Rivulet upstream and see what else I could find. I knew some waterfalls were missing from what I had so far found.

Pineapple Falls

I had already explored the stream for a bit of a way north of the Strickland Falls (and seen Champers and Disappearing Falls in the process), so didn’t dive into the forest straight away. However, once my height seemed right, I left the Rivulet track and entered the thickish, and rather uninviting, bush filled with cutting grass and made my way to the water. My guess was good. Just upstream, I could see white foam, and it was the Pineapple Falls.

Gentlemens Cascades

Right next door was another pretty sight, more a cascade than a waterfall, so I photographed it, too, much later learning that this was Gentlemens Cascades.

Pretty Falls

I was in an exploratory mood, so decided to keep climbing, and came to what, in the absence of any known name, I have (at least temporarily) dubbed Pretty Falls.

Ladies Cascades

Above them lay some Cascades worth photographing, and later, feeling miffed that Gentlemen had Cascades but we didn’t, I called this Ladies Cascades to equalise matters. Gentlemen and Ladies are rather hard to find these days, so it is appropriate that these cascades are well hidden and are rare collectors’ items.

Fairy Falls

More hunches and guesswork had me arriving at one that I had definitely been seeking: namely, what is known as Fairy Falls. Charming.
For my homeward bound route, and it now seemed appropriate to call it a day, I decided to make a kind of circle, and in doing so, I found yet another sight worth photographing, and decided Pixie Falls would be in keeping with the going theme.

Pixie Falls

I’m sure there are more waterfalls to be found in there, but I had done quite enough bush battling by then, especially considering the fact that I had had a big morning, so contented myself with this magnificent booty. It was time to eat.

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