Amos 2013 Mar

Mt Amos   2-3 Mar 2013





Mt Amos is not a high mountain. I used to run up it in 22 mins when I was an athlete. With a pack and walking, it takes longer, of course, but one can be fairly extravagant with weight and not feel the consequences, so as well as lugging up six litres of water and a tripod for my SLR, I even took along a musical instrument (and a book, of course).
We set out from home after lunch, and arrived in time to have a bit of a read before pitching the tent and cooking dinner, after which we sat on our rock and watched the glorious sunset for a very long time. When the whole landscape had gone dark, and we had enjoyed stargazing, we sang a bit, and then I played music in the dark until it was time for bed.
Sunrise and breakfast with such a view were also perfect. A magical overnighter.

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