Orites Falls 2016

Orites Falls 2016.
The real story of Orites Falls is actually the story of the Cheyne Range, which can be found scrolling down to C on the right here, by an internal search or clicking:

I have done a separate heading for those who are solely interested in waterfalls, and in seeing a very unusual one. However, if you are not interested in “real” bushwalking with a pack on your back and an overnight stay in your tent, then this one is only for window shopping. You also need to be able to navigate to get to these falls, as tracks will only help you for about the first hour. The going is rough and tough, but the rewards are great. I was upset that I couldn’t bring my tripod on this trip, but I found an obliging rock that allowed me to use it for exposures of a couple of seconds.

Our route is in the Cheyne Range entry. I haven’t repeated it here in order to emphasise that this waterfall is only for very experienced members of  bushwalking circles.

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