Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail Wildflowers

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, wildflowers.

Pig face (carpobrotus) and hibbertia sp along the coast, day 2

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail abounds in wildflowers. Here are the names of some I have been able to identify that I saw as I walked along the trail. The length of the list speaks volumes for the fabulous diversity to be found. Thanks to the fabulous Alison Buck for checking and helping me with the list. Any errors are mine, not hers. (On Monday I will post my account of walking the trail).

acacia paradoxa (this filled the scenery for several early sections of day 1)

boronia edwardsii (broder leaf than the one below)
boronia filifolia (fine leaf, sandy section)

calytrix smeatoniana (a paler calytrix than the one below)
calytrix tetrogona (wonderful pale pink)

carpobrotus rossii (pigface; bright pink)

chamaescilla corymbosa (blue squill, or blue stars; wonderful delicate mauve flowers. A tuberous herb with grasslike leaves)

cheiranthera alternifolia in early forested section – another delicate mauve flower

Calytrix tetrogona, seen on most of the days.

correa decumbens

dampiera lanceolata

daviesia asperula (one of many ‘eggs and bacon’ pea flowers)

euphrasia collina (mauve pea family; eye bright)

goodenia blackiana
goodenia ovata

grevillea quinquenervis (pink spider plant)
grevillea halmaturina (white spider flower)
grevillea rogersii (just two spider legs in kind of pairs, darker red)

hakea rostrata (delicate white spider flower with needle leaves)
hakea vittata (hooked needle wood; low growing)

hibbertia riparia
hibbertia acicularis
hibbertia virgata

Orthrosanthos multiflorus 

lasiopetalum discolour (velvety leaves, mauve) (sorry, refuse to spell colour the american way, especially when it is an Aussie flower)
lasiopetalum schulzenii (hanging bells of cream)

leucopogon parviflorus (divine smell. How I wish I could preserve it. It filled the air with its delicacy at times on day 1).

olearia taretifolia (tiny white daisy flowers on a bush)

orthrosanthus multiflorus (mauve morning iris)

pimelia sp (there are several species of pimelea on the island)

pomaderris obcordata (small [20 cm high mostly] clumped pant covered in with tiny white or pinkish flowers)

prasophylium elatum (snake orchid – near campsite at the end of day 2)

prostanthera spinosa (dark mauve; prickly leaves)

pultenaea daphnoides  (large leaf pea flower; egg and bacon colouring; beautiful perfume)
pultenaea scabra (a different egg and bacon flower

More calytrix lining the path
scaevola linearis

senecio lautus (yellow daisy flower)

stackhousia aspericocca

swainsona lessertiifolia – a small mauve pea flower with many erect stems

Tetratheca halmaturina (see below)

thelymitra epipactoides (delicate mauve sun orchids)

wahlenbergia multicaulis

xanthorrhoea semiplana

Tetratheca halmaturina with grass-like stem and leaves, crawling here up a Petrophile multisecta.

(My favourite of the several ‘koala trees’ was eucalyptus viminalis cygnetensis – great for humans to climb, too – which not many eucies are). I also enjoyed the huge eucy camaldulensis exemplars, especially those on the last day growing by the river, and, to a lesser degree, the cup gums, sugar gums and coastal mallee gums that decorated our walk.

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