Nicholas 2015 and Huntsmans Cap. Jan

Mt Nicholas and Huntsmans Cap. Australia Day, 2015
While others enjoyed their lamb Barbies, a group of us defied the Australia Day template and ate salad rolls or snacks on top of a mountain (well, two actually). In deference to my broken hand, I’ll make this primarily a picture post.

The wonderful towering palisade that guards the summit of Mt Nicholas.

I knew from my last visit that none of these chutes give safe access to the top – but I also know they’re fun to explore. This is a grand mountain with lots of interest for rock lovers

The gang on the summit of Mt Nicholas

Huntsmans Cap, our next destination, as seen through the trees from the flanks of Mt Nicholas

When one climbs Huntsmans Cap, one emerges on a rocky spine that is then followed for quite a way, over a series of would-be summits until the real summit is reached at the end. Huntsmans Cap is an Ablettte.

Cresting the lower part of the spine of Huntsmans Cap

The real summit of Huntsmans Cap, with the sea beyond, at the end of the enjoyable rocky spine that operates as its conduit. (Map of routes to come once I’ve got the phone battery recharged to enable download.)

Map showing both walks. On Mt Nicholas, the cyan route is a former one; today’s route is in purple. We went up by the fascinating rock formations and cliffs, but opted to return straight down in an unimaginative but efficient line to the road, which we then followed to the car.

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