Victoria Valley Falls

Victoria Valley Falls are very near a place on the map called Victoria Valley, in the middle of nowhere, somewhat near Osterley (which is also in the middle of nowhere). So much is Victoria Valley in the middle of nowhere, that I am not sure which house constituted the mark on the map; at least Google Maps will take you there. There were no shops or post office,  pubs or public buildings, … or maybe I blinked at the wrong moment. Osterley (north of Ouse) was “there”. Insignificant in the general scheme of things though Victoria Valley may be, I nonetheless did not take it kindly when ‘Google maps’ told me on my first attempt that I need a fifteen-hour journey across the Big Waters to reach it. I eventually forced it to be a tiny bit sensible, and got a version that quoted 2 hrs and 02 minutes from Launceston. Problem 1 solved.

Bauera along the path

Problem 2 is that Victoria Valley is kind of out on a limb, which I guess is in tandem with being in the middle of nowhere. It’s a jolly long drive for very little reward whichever way you look at things, and very difficult to combine with anything interesting. Hm. Why do I have to be so curious, always wanting to see falls that are just a name on a map? At least there is another waterfall, unnamed, on Kenmore Ck, just to the north of Victoria Valley Falls, so I can add that to the day’s agenda. I decided I wasn’t going to get much exercise, so went running before I set out. Good move!!

Waddamana was possibly the ugliest place I have ever seen on this entire planet, but once past it (heading south), the road got narrow, the ground less barren and greenery started growing, so I started to enjoy it. If you are coming from the south, your trip is MUCH prettier!! By the time I reached the road intersection just north of the falls, and turned onto Victoria Valley Road, I was enjoying the view out the window. I drove down that road until I reached the sign below (only truly visible for people coming from the south. If coming from the north, you get its rear end).

Oh Joy. And in 200 ms, I found this:


I was off, on a path that looked like this:

And the falls that I found, you have seen above. It was a lovely little walk – although only five minutes in each direction – and could be combined with something at Lake St Clair if you got an earlier start than I did. I combined it with going to nearby Kenmere Falls (see my blog:

and a recce to Comma Falls (more another day).

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