Montana Falls 2017 Sept

Montana Falls 10 Sept 2017

Montana Falls Upper
I recently published a blog labelled “Montana Falls”, only to be informed by people far more knowledgeable in the matter of waterfalls than I am, that I had been to, and captured, the cascades.
My friends told me how to reach the real falls, and so I returned to the area last weekend to see what I had originally wanted to see. These falls can’t be reached by the Salmon Farm (41degrees south). The cascades can, and are well worth a visit, but they are not the falls.

Montana Falls Upper
To reach the falls, continue driving past the turn off into 41 degrees south,  (having turned left down Montana Rd (C164) in between Deloraine and Chudleigh) until you cross Western Creek. The Needles ridge will come down to meet you from the right at this point. The falls are on Western Creek, and not far from this point, but you can’t just park and follow the creek down, as this is private property. Continue driving, turning left down Leonard’s Rd for about a kilometre until you reach a blue sign that says you have reached Long Ridge Regional Reserve. I just pulled over to the side at this point. It occurs where the road curves about ten degrees from 180.

Montana Falls Upper
There is a black line on the map, marking a property division between private and public land. I was expecting a fence, but found instead a path-cum-road which did not go in a straight line, but which had pink tapes that lead me to my goal. On the way back, I walked the straight line, which brought me out a bit short of the car. Just follow the pink tapes. It is better to do the further (lower) falls first, as then the upper ones are easier to see on the way back.

Montana Falls Lower
The bush was quiet and peaceful; the banks of the river, green and inviting. It felt very restorative to be doing this walk, even if it was only twenty minutes in each direction. It is winter; it was snowing in the highlands above me, and yet I found the waters strangely tempting.

My return route (I visited the upper falls on the way in. You can see them there on the map).

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