Russell Falls

Russell Falls.

It is very beautiful, although waterfalls set in the context of viewing platforms and highway paths don’t really do it for me. It’s here for completion. I am aware you have to sacrifice some waterfalls for the tourists – although, when I look at Iceland, I’m not so sure. There, there were parking areas that were full of spiky stones (i.e., not sealed), few or no amenities, and only very, very infrequently did you get railings. It was terribly refreshing to see an attitude of: “Well, if you want to see it here it is, but we’re not doing anything to change nature from being natural.” And that’s why I love Iceland so much. And that’s why I’d prefer to see nature there than in my own Tasmania, as Tassie is ruining her beautiful nature by dumbing it down, taming and defanging it for what bureaucrats sitting in offices think that tourists want. I did not hear one person in Iceland complaining that the roads to the waterfalls were not sealed, or that the carparks looked like a farmer’s paddock. We all relished it.

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