Pelion West 2000 Feb

Pelion East and West   Feb 2000

Food stop on the way in to Pelion Hut. We climbed Pelion East that night in the gloaming. (No pics. I ran it from the hut).

Next day we set out for Pelion West (packs parked at Pelion Hut).

Below are summit shots
Happy on top
lunch … then out. 
For the sake of being thorough, I am trying to put in a photo of as many of the peaks I’ve summited.
On 12-13 Feb, 2000, we climbed Pelion East on the Saturday, having come in via the Arm River Track, and then Pelion West on the Sunday, before going back out. I ran up Pelion East from Pelion Hut, so didn’t take a camera, which I have always regretted, as the mountain was swathed in wonderful, atmospheric mist.
The photos above are taken from prints, as I didn’t go digital until 2004.

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