Owen Brook Falls

Owen Brook Falls 2017 Aug.
Our trip to the Owen Brook Falls (south of Burnie in the Ridgley area) began with a trip to the Upper Cam Falls (route details in the blog of that name, viz.: www.natureloverswalks.com/upper-cam-falls

From these, we returned to the C103 and continued northish until that road intersected with the C101. At this stage I was a little unsure as to what to do next, but there was a very nice man nearby, a local, and I was wondering if he might be the person I needed to ask to get permission from to go to these falls (or might at least know whom I should ask), so I asked him about the finer details. He was very helpful, muttered nothing about private property or keep out, and told me exactly where to go, which was to turn left onto that branch of the C101, and to drive 3 kms to the end of the bitumen.
At this point there is a very rundown ex-house, where one used to ask permission. With no-one there, I just went across the paddock behind said “building” and headed for the falls, which were, as you can see below, rather hard to get a good view of. You would be mad to not take in the Cam Falls along with Owen Brook, as they are very close to each other, in gorges that meet just below each fall. (The Cam Falls were on the East Cam River. The Owen Brook Falls are on Owen Brook, which joins the East Cam just below both falls. ) Take your lunch, and then you can explore the gorges more than I did. Hunger pulled me away.
This is the base of the Owen Brook Falls from as near as I was game to go in the slippery conditions of the day. I was unwilling to climb any of the mossy, near-vertical rocks on offer to try for a better shot of the falls, which are huge, and whose base part A can be seen at the top of the image. I was also hungry, and if you haven’t yet worked it out, my stomach rules. This was as good as it was going to get this day, and this is the only web image of the Owen Brook Falls I can find, so you are not allowed to complain. 🙂

The top two pins are the Cam (R) and Owen Brook (L) Falls. The bottom pin locates the Upper Cam Falls.
See also www.natureloverswalks.com/cam-falls/

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