Kenmere Falls

Kenmere Falls lie just to the north of Victoria Valley Falls, so if you visit Victoria Valley Falls (see blog near Osterley, and IF you are happy bushbashing and reading a map, then you can add this little gem on Kenmere Creek to your agenda for the day. I used the same parking area for both falls. There is no track, and the dry bush has a lot of twigs that are intent on giving you a poke as you go by, so you need to be fine with that sort of defensive and unwelcoming behaviour. It doesn’t last long. The falls themselves felt like a very special place, and I stayed there for quite along while, just enjoying being, and imbibing all they had to offer. I made it into a circular route by going pretty straight on the way there, but following the creek down until it hit the road on the way back. The return was longer, but had less bush to negotiate, and was a couple of minutes faster.
The nearest coffee I could find on the way home that looked inviting was in Hamilton, at Jackson’s Emporium, which was quaint. When they offered me instant, I switched to tea, where I got weak T2 Chai, but at least it had leaves. One spoon of leaves cost me $5; the little biscuit cost me $4, but it was gluten free ginger, and tasty. I guess they need high prices to compensate for lack of customers. Hamilton itself is very cute.

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