Walls of Jerusalem 1998 Solomons Throne

Walls of Jerusalem 1998 – Solomon’s Throne, sunrise.

As said elsewhere, the Walls area has been our playground ever since we moved here. Several times we’ve climbed Solomon’s throne in the dark and then sat at the top and waited for sunrise. This is a shot from one such adventure.

Western Arthurs 1998 Mt Pegasus

Western Arthurs 1998    11-15 Jan 1998.


Reading while waiting for my family. They never mind my doing that. It’s one of the reasons I love climbing with them.

On the summit of Pegasus
view on the way down.
These photos are just from poor quality prints – sorry, but they’re all I have. We climbed Mt Hayes on the way in, and went as far as the top of Pegasus before returning home. The weather was not good, but the views were still stupendous. Can’t wait to go back.



Wellington 1997 Aus Championships

Mt Wellington   17 May 1997

It’s impossible to count the number of times I have run up Mt Wellington, as I used to do it regularly for training – sometimes running all the way and sometimes turning around at Junction Cabin and coming back down again (to the brewery).

I have had many happy victories on this mount: in 1993, I won both the Tasmanian women’s and the men’s title on the mountain (causing great distress to the male who was six minutes being me but thought he deserved the medal). I also won a couple of Australian titles here, as well as a few Point to Pinnacle races. It is a mountain of happy memories, but my happiest are of training sessions, alone, in the snow, running up near the summit through a fairyland of white shapes. The rather unflattering photo here is of me winning the national titles in 1997. Well, I look fit and determined, and there are no prizes in athletics for looking pretty (fortunately).

Ossa 1990, Oakleigh

Mt Ossa, Mt Oakley   3-4 Nov 1990

The 1990 summitting was the second time we’d been up Ossa. We had fabulous fun climbing in the snow on a glorious day. I am looking back on this day from a big distance (it is now 2017). I am so proud of my children for doing this climb in the snow.






The children took 60 mins from Pelion Gap to the summit, 50 down. The next day, on our way out, we climbed Oakley.
The third time I climbed Ossa was in 1998, when I was a runner, and for training ran up from Pelion gap in 36 mins to the top plateau; 30 mins down. Those were the days.

Orienteering and Mountain Running – not walking, Part One

Louise Fairfax: Orienteering and Mountain Running. Part One
1989 World Orienteering Championships, Sweden 
1989 World Champs, Sweden  
1990 Asia-Pacific Champs, and World Cup events, USA and Canada (1 gold, 1 silver)
As an orienteer and mountain runner (inter alia), I have enjoyed seeing many beautiful parts of the world, and have made many very special friends. The diversity of forest and cornucopia of superlative views from an abundance of different peaks have made me very aware, not only of how extraordinarily lucky I am to have seen such things, but, and possibly more significantly, the importance of such places to the peace of our souls, as well as to the continuation of our species, and to the contribution to the happiness of those yet to come. Our world is such an amazing place – whether we are thinking of forests, rivers or the views to eternity from a mountain top. We have to fight hard to keep these dwindling places of beauty alive.
The blogsite is titled ‘walks’, and I have put in lots of those. I have always intended to add in some of our European distance walks once I had written up the Tassie ones.
Bit by bit, European sections will be added. I am not sure how to separate them from Tassie ones (and I want to keep the two facets distinct), so my first solution is to put them all as predating the walking, even though there is an overlap. Here is my first posting on European experiences, and I am beginning with some of my happiest moments as an international competitor. These photos are taken from my comp file, and not my separate training file. One thing at a time. This one is already complete, so can be posted. Perhaps these photos help contextualise some of what comes later. Who I was is an integral part of who I am still. One moves on, but never entirely away from what went on before.
1990 Trans-Tasman Champs NZ (1st)
1991 World Champs, Czech Repub
1992 Asia-Pacific Champs, Japan

1992 Asia-Pacific Champs, Japan (2 silver)

1992 IAAF World Mountain Running champs, Italy 
!992 IAAF World Mountain Running Championships. Louise Fairfax AUS 4th place.
1992 World Triathlon Champs, Canada (4th – Masters)
 1993 Internationaler Matterhornlauf 1st
1993 Schweizer Frauenlauf 
1993 World Triathlon Champs (7th Masters)
1994 World Duathlon Champs – 1st Masters
1993 IAAF World Mountain Running Champs 11th
 1994 Internationaler Matterhornlauf 2nd
1994 Swiss Alpine Marathon Sertiglauf 1st, race record
1994, Tasmanian Sportswoman of the year
1994, World Stair Racing Champs, 5th (here, training in Central park)
1994 IAAF World Mountain Running Championships GER 13th
Orienteering World Cup
1993 Swiss Alpine Marathon Sertiglauf 1st
1995 Ovranaz-Rambert 1st
1994 Swiss Alpine Marathon 1st
1995 training on  glacier, Champez du Lac, SWI